On August 11, 2007 3-6pm, Art in Odd Places travels to Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival as part of Howl On the Road event. Three veteran AiOP artists will place installations in the south plaza nearest 62nd Street.
Block Busting by George Spencer is an interactive art project using a gumball machine as a gallery with small sculptures in oval shaped capsules. Put a few quarters in the slot, turn the knob and out pops a sculpture.
Howling and other justifiable acts by Terry S. Hardy is based on Allen Ginsberg's 1955 poem, "HOWL". The piece consists of lines strung from tree to tree with each line having a number of flags hanging from it printed with one of the action verbs from the poem. www.hardyspace.com
Wink by Jan Lynn Sokota In a simple gesture, the bat of an eye, an unspoken signal or shared secret is instantly expressed, like a trace of gleaming light. Viewers may take a wink coin with them, one per person. www.coinartist.com
In October 2008, Art in Odd Places will take place on the legendary Fourteenth Street, Manhattan, the great divider of the uptown and downtown scenes. From the East River to the Hudson River, artists of all mediums will encourage the masses of daily pedestrians to rediscover this corridor of diverse commerce, political upheaval, and historic significance. Stay in touch for artists' prospectuses and more details.

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