Paul Shortt / Please No Photos
In this performative work, the artist will walk along 14th Street holding an enlarged seven-foot “no photos” symbol that implies a prohibition on photography, and questions the constant surveillance of public spaces. Shortt will invite pedestrians to have their photo taken with the sculpture, thereby subverting the act the sculpture denies. To complement this, Shortt will pass out buttons with the symbol to passersby, who will carry on the work’s meaning to other spaces.


Friday, October 5 and Sunday, October 7 from 12-5pm


The performance will take place between Seventh Avenue and Avenue C on 14th Street.

artist info

Paul Shortt (b. 1981) received his BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. He has been in numerous group shows in Chicago, Kansas City, and Seattle. Shortt is currently completing his MFA in New Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.