Skowmon Hastanan / Artie's Paradise
Paradise, a word taken from the Village Voice ads transformed into a neon installation 24/7 display inside the storefront of Artie’s Hardware, the neighborhood twenty-four hour locksmith located at 140 W. 14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Artie’s becomes a Paradise, where products, tools, and hardware are aesthetically and logically arranged, and where artists can find products to help them realize their creative dream.


October 5-15


The installation will be located at Artie’s Hardware & Locksmith, 140 W 14th Street.

artist info

Skowmon Hastanan migrated from Bangkok to The Bronx in 1973. She uses various mediums, including light installation to painting and drawing on paper; artworks involve narratives about journey, identity, spirituality, violence, and the media.