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AiOP 2014: FREE Sneak peek! Laura Moore “One Man’s Junk”

Name: Laura Moore

Title of piece: one man’s junk

one man’s junk revisits the rise of the personal computer.  The limestone electronics are hand carved at a 1:1 scale and installed curbside.  The work highlights the effects of technological obsolescence: today’s hot new device becomes tomorrow’s landfill.  By transforming the 1980s monitors’ beige plastic, designed to be neutral, into stone, the logic of the devices become inverted.  Formally, one man’s junk has a monumental and memorializing quality; but similar to the discarded, plastic originals the mode of display is abject and the forms are obsolete which provokes nostalgia, and (potentially) disdain.  The work shifts the viewer’s perception about technology and the forms become metaphors that relate to our life experiences.  The stone ‘electronic waste’ questions the tension between the original and the multiple, the disposable and the permanent, and the interactive and the inert.


One Man’s Trash.  Photo Courtesy of the artist.


One Man’s Trash.  Photo Courtesy of the artist.


One Man’s Trash.  Photo Courtesy of the artist.


One Man’s Trash.  Photo Courtesy of the artist.

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