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AiOP 2015: RECALL Artists: Carolina Mayorga “Our Lady of 14th Street”

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) 2015: RECALL is our 11th year and all about looking back at the artists and projects that made these festivals possible over the years. For RECALL, AiOP has invited back over forty artists to either present their original work or produce a completely new one that explore artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. As we gear up for the festival next month, here is a preview of some of the works people can expect to see along 14th Street in October.



Carolina Mayorga

Project Title     

Our Lady of 14th Street



Our Lady of 14th Street.  Photo courtesy of artist.


Links to Ritual 2011


Link to Unspace Ground 2012, a project in Los Angeles, CA by AIOP


Image info:             Our Lady’s Apparition.  Image courtesy of the artist



 What was the first AiOP festival that you had participated?

My first participation was in RITUAL 2011.


What are your thoughts on participating in an AiOP festival again?

I am honored to participate in the 11th year celebration of AiOP and to have the opportunity to present an evolved version of my previous project.


Why is 14th Street a compelling site for creative response?

14th street, a major street in Manhattan, offers a special opportunity to experience one of the most diverse audiences in the world.  I am particularly interested in the active environment encapsulated on 14th street; the abundance of foot traffic and shops mixed with recreational zones challenges my creative thinking and encourages the search for unconventional and effective ways to engage with the different audiences and environments in this unique area.


Are you presenting the same project as last time? Are you incorporating anything you learned from the last staging into this year’s festival? What, if anything have you changed? If presenting a new piece, why did you decide on something new?

For this year’s AiOP I am bringing Our Lady of 14th Street, a character related to The Miraculous Artist, the character I presented at RITUAL 2011. The experience and documentation of that initial project increased my awareness of the visual aspect of the character itself, which on many occasions had a greater impact on the audience than the planned interactions. For this year, I am providing the 14th street passerby with the opportunity to “just” contemplate Our Lady through a series of apparitions along 14th street that will incorporate sound, light and other visual effects.


What reactions did you see the last time you staged your work on 14th Street? What reactions are you hoping to draw from the public this time?

I was surprised with the positive response to my work from the general public, as well as their curiosity and willingness to participate in my performance. Acknowledging the strong presence of the character itself has inspired the idea of exploring more of the visual impact of the character. Our Lady, a quiet figure will hope to spiritually connect with the audience and provide a divine experience through her quiet, subtle yet powerful presence.

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