Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.

AiOP 2015: RECALL Artists: Carrie Dashow, performing at Yesiree the Public Notary “Keeper of the smallest plant, I do.”

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) 2015: RECALL is our 11th year and all about looking back at the artists and projects that made these festivals possible over the years. For RECALL, AiOP has invited back over forty artists to either present their original work or produce a completely new one that explore artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. As we gear up for the festival, here is a preview of some of the works people can expect to see along 14th Street.



Carrie Dashow, Performing as Yesiree the Public Notary.

Project Title:

This project (iteration) is called:

“Keeper of the smallest plant, I do.”

Mutual Life Assistance

An oath of growth with Yesiree the Public Notary 



Carrie Dashow, Performing as Yesiree the Public Notary. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Links to past AiOP blog features on your works:


What was the first AiOP festival that you participated in?

Art in Odd Places 2010: CHANCE

How do you feel about returning to AiOP to participate in this anniversary festival?

Happy to be included and how could I do the Same piece! Though I liked my piece before, I have already updated.


Why is 14th Street a compelling site for creative response?

14th street particularly Union Square has a centrifugal force. From its history as a meeting point for speeches and public protest, labor day and labor union rallies. Now a scrutinized public Plaza with business encroaching, surrounded by bustling capitalist commerce and green markets echoing the nearby fertility of greener pastures.

I am excited to do one part of the performance in the weekday with the NYC workers and the other on the weekend, which I’m sure will include day trippers and tourists, also a part of our city. As a transportive hub, Anyone in NYC surely spends a variety of time in, out and around this square.


Individual card

Carrie Dashow’s Yesiree the Public Notary card.  Image courtesy of the artist.

Are you presenting the same project as last time? If so, how has it changed or evolved? How does your prior experience with AiOP influence your approach to this year’s festival? If presenting a new piece, why did you decide on something new?

I am presenting a different iteration of my Yesiree the Public Notary project where I use the law for instigating the best of ourselves by inverting the oath to instead of punishable by an outside force, we must do as we say.

I decided on something new because a lot has changed since 2010. I also moved upstate and am increasing my relations with nature, which is what this piece refers to.


What reactions did you get the last time you staged your work on 14th Street? What reactions are you hoping to draw from the public this time?

People seemed to be excited to be included and also took the opportunity to speak in public (They had to announce their oaths aloud with hand made megaphone). This project will be a bit more gentle, and I hope we can all be a little more quite, this oath goes directly inside and into the soil.

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