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AiOP 2015: RECALL Artists: Tim Thyzel “Umbrella Tumbleweed”

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) 2015: RECALL is our 11th year and all about looking back at the artists and projects that made these festivals possible over the years. For RECALL, AiOP has invited back over forty artists to either present their original work or produce a completely new one that explore artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. As we gear up for the festival next month, here is a preview of some of the works people can expect to see along 14th Street in October.



Tim Thyzel


Umbrella Tumbleweed      found umbrellas 36” in diameter      2015

 Tim Thyzel Umbrella Tumbleweed 2

Tim Thyzel, Umbrella Tumbleweed.  Photo courtesy of the artist.

What was the first AiOP festival that you participated in?

Art in Odd Places SIGN in 2009


 How do you feel about returning to AiOP to participate in this anniversary festival?

I am very happy to participate again because AiOP gives me a forum to do public art projects in a spontaneous and immediate way. I enjoy the shorter, more concentrated format of the festival, and the chance to join in with such a diverse group of fellow artists.


 Why is 14th Street a compelling site for creative response?

I have been living near 14th St. for the last 17 years so doing a project on 14th Street gives me a chance to respond to and interact with neighbors as well as the multitude of people passing through. I like the image of the Umbrella Tumbleweed blowing all the way down 14th street from the Hudson River to the East River


Tim Thyzel Umbrella Tumbleweed 1

Tim Thyzel, Umbrella Tumbleweed.  Photo courtesy of the artist.


 Are you presenting the same project as last time? If so, how has it changed or evolved? How does your prior experience with AiOP influence your approach to this year’s festival? If presenting a new piece, why did you decide on something new?

My last project was a great experience, but this time I was inspired, especially during our rainy Spring season when I was collecting so many broken umbrellas, many on 14th street itself, to try this new project.


What reactions did you get the last time you staged your work on 14th Street? What reactions are you hoping to draw from the public this time? 

Last time my portable fountains were received well, especially by children. A big point of my work is to take familiar materials, objects or situations and transform or manipulate them to provide the viewer with a different, often humorous perception of these overlooked materials. The AiOP festival gives me a chance to bring my work into the street and to address the the broadest range of people in the most direct and unexpected way, reaching an audience beyond that of traditional art institutions.

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