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AiOP 2015: RECALL Recalled

As 2015 draws to a close, what better way to look back at the year than through the year’s festival, which was all about looking back!   Since the end of RECALL, we here at Art in Odd Places (AiOP) reached out to the participating artists to hear their takes on this year’s festival.  For them, this was not just an opportunity to participate, but a chance to re-stage their works from festivals prior, or use the knowledge they gain from past participation to create something entirely new for public consumption and contemplation.  We here at AiOP hope everyone enjoys what these artists have to say about their experiences and wish you all a happy new year, we can’t wait to share another wonderful festival experience with you all in 2016!


Dennis RedMoon

20151011_004825 20151011_005725 20151011_005546 20151011_010213

Photos by Willie Torres

I met so many great people this year with my Good Trade project many great stories and Trades. It was great weather many people took part. The best trade was a man from South America who told me a story about coming to america and in the middle of his story a friend called him on his cell phone and his friend was a good friend of mine Artist John Ahern. 

I just said this is a very small world. it was a good trade.


Carolina Mayorga


Photo Credit: +1 design


A dialogue between Our Lady of 14th Street and a kid at the Highline on Saturday, October 10

Kid: Are you for real?

Our Lady: Yes I am real!

Kid: Cool, I like your car

Our Lady: Thanks, would you like to have your picture taken with me?

Kid: Sure, I’ll ask my dad

Our Lady: Ok, tell him I am part of an art festival, here, take this info with you

Kid: My dad asks how much

Our Lady: Is free!

Dad: Let’s go, let’s go



This year, with Incomming Call we realized pay phones are often used for purposes other than communication. A person meditating and another one vomiting where some of the unexpected surprises that we found while checking our piece. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of them!

Attached is a picture of the (dirty) payphone. C BAMteam 2015



Sasha Sumner

This festival gave us the opportunity to emasculate the model of the American convenience store.

7-Eleven Intervention_Sasha Sumner

Photo montage: Dan Wiley, Sasha Sumner


Carrie Dashow

CollageUn IMG_4403

Photo credit: Matthew Schmiddler (for collage one) other in action one: Lilah Freedland.

Oaths of Growth were taken by interested parties, whereby enlisting themselves Keepers of the Smallest Plant. I appreciated that it was understood that this growth, planting, relationship, is their responsibility and even upon taking their oath, I could not even help them plant a seed. From this moment on they willingly took with them the precarious plant and personal metaphor in its makeshift home to whatever activities they had left in they do to their subsequent home. I do hope we can understand and connect ourselves with the life that grows beyond our own, and the installed bureaucracy that insidiously impedes us in daily and spiritual existence.

Interesting that the first amendment rules of the park have non-transparently changed to allowing less and less non monetary interaction.


Monika Goetz


Photographer is Mario Schambon.

I picked the site in May 2015, when I was looking for a site on 14th St that was as unspectacular as possible. The idea was to honor a site that does not stand out in any way. The facade of a former postoffice (432 East 14th Street) seemed a perfect fit. I looked up the coordinates and had a sign made, stating its exact location: 40°43′ 50.07″ N, 73°58′ 52″ W, elev 26 ft. By the time the sign should be installed, the location had changed completely. Where there was once a brickstone facade, one could only see scaffolding. The coordinates stayed the same, but the site did not.




Pic by Martha Cooper

It was great to do it. and everyone was super strong. love my ladies!!


David Antonio

image4 image3 image2 image1


Photographs by Maria Mitchell, last photo by Jose Vidal.

Performing on the High Line Park with Daniel de Jesus was incredibly moving. This performance series is usually small and private, however performing with such a huge and transient audience was tough and challenging as a performer.  I loved it!

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