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AiOP 2017: SENSE- Get to Know This Year’s Artists! Arantxa Araujo

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Name: Arantxa Araujo

Project Name: SENScope”

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At any given moment millions of stimuli are processed without our awareness. Sensory processing occurs extremely fast, especially in the streets of New York City, where we are constantly bombarded by extreme weather, high volume pitches and pungent smells; but also by a light breeze, a ruby sunset or the baby blue blanket on the subway.

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I plan on slowing down the pace of this city by almost stopping mine. I propose to serve as a luminous lense, a moving lighthouse, a SENScope that audiences can follow to undergo this experience. Through a durational meditative walk along 14th street, I will perceive as many stimuli as possible and guide the audience by subtly pointing out the obvious, the commonly unnoticed. It will be a journey to go from the physical and sensual to the spiritual and energetical. How? By taking those who venture into an entrancing stroll that will awaken their perception so to notice the announced stimulus or to start a list of their own, and of course, for the duration of their choice. Step by step, moment by moment, their mind will be invited to stop its usual pace, and to get into the here and the now of our enticing New York.

When processing what affects us we comprehend our surroundings and context. I intend to spend mindful time deconstructing the input received, by minimizing output (sharing my process through audio/visual) and creating awareness of the vibrational aspect our surroundings; the micro in the macro and vice versa. I will become a useful tool, an active lense that participants can grab onto in order to experience a deep connection with outer sense and inner understanding.

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A see-through, lens-like apparatus with inner light that provides a frame to experience (see, listen, feel, taste, smell, know: to sense ) life with along a journey on 14th street following Earth’s rotational force.

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4pm-9pm each day

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