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AiOP 2017: SENSE- Get to Know This Year’s Artists! Mark Power

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Name: Mark Power

Title: “Plastic Copy Of A Pile Of Firewood”


In a useful/practical manner, a small pile of firewood is stacked on the sidewalk on 14th street.   However, this is not a real pile of firewood; it has been re-created by fabricating a plastic, hollow, replica of the original objects.

How have you chosen to interpret the theme “SENSE?”

My interpretation of the theme “sense” is inherently reflected by a core tenant in my work, which is to clearly identify and then to obscure our relationship with comfort/familiarity.

Mark Power

Why do you believe 14th street is a compelling site for creative response?

14th street is a hard hitting, unsympathetic, pass-through arena.  The out of context, unintentional viewing, the hopeful lingering moments or the reality of being ignored are, for me, the fun interesting moments that make this project exciting. Anything can happen.

What reaction are you hoping to draw from the public?

Being an object based work of art, it is up to the passerby if they are going to turn their head, look or stop. I am hoping for that fleeting unprepared moment of being recognized when the sculpture catches your eye or the viewer stops momentarily.

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