Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.


Plastic Stream

This installation is in response to the health of Florida’s natural springs. Florida springs are windows into the aquifer system, as well as a reflection of the water clarity that flows through it. Plastic Stream is made of plastic drinking straws that are connected with brass fasteners and questions the unlikely rarity of a springhead flowing through the middle of downtown. The artist emphasizes the harmony of tonal blue straws in contrast to the gradations of greens and yellows and questions citizens’ tone towards Florida’s most valuable resource.


Thursday, September 17 from 6-9pm; Friday and Saturday September 18-19 from 11am-9pm; Sunday, September 20 from 11am-4pm


Magnolia Avenue in the grass median between East Pine Street and East Central Boulevard near the Gallery at Avalon Island and in the median between East Church and East Jackson Streets near the Presbyterian Church