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Handshake59_ID&HL Irina Danilova

Irina Danilova


Mix and Match 59

Mix and Match 59 is a participatory volunteer numerical performance/game. It aims to generate accidental social interactions and short collaborations while creating variations of visual images of number 59. One digit of number 59, 5 or 9, marked on the hands of participants will promote an opportunity to create number 59 via handshakes with participants who have a matching number. Hiram Levy and Irina Danilova will greet every participant with a handshake, while distributing numbers 5 and 9 and creating the initial handshake 59. Snapshots of created numbers 59, sent by participants, will be on public view. 59 seconds of interaction between number 59 accidental partners is one of the rules of this game.


Friday, November 11 from 12pm-9pm; Saturday, November 12 from 10am-8pm; Sunday, November 13 from 11am-4pm


Orlando Public Library, Magnolia Avenue and Central Boulevard