Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.


Swarming Time

Project Swarming Time is a site-specific installation spread out across several locations on Market Street. With minimal intervention, the facades, corners, and empty walls of buildings are studded with hundreds of clock mechanisms. The clock mechanisms appear as if swarming through public spaces in transition. These mechanisms only contain a second hand, and are devoid of the typical hour and minute hands of a clock. The solitary, ticking second hands remind us of the fragility of the present. Each ticking clock represents a life force struggling to sustain itself in the urban environment. Collectively, they symbolize the camaraderie and endeavor of humankind to rise above the past. The anticipation of the future and the nostalgia of the past are blurred as the constant ticking of hundreds of red second hands brings us back to the present.


October 17 - 18: All day


Hilton Garden Inn