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AiOP 2017: SENSE- Thinker in Residence Matthew Morowitz’s Last Call

About 3 months ago was the Art in Odd Places 2017 festival, SENSE. I first became involved with AiOP during the 2012 festival, MODEL, when I joined the staff as a blog intern. While I was excited by the opportunity to write for this quirky-sounding event, I didn’t expect that this festival would be where […]

AiOP 2017: SENSE- Thinker in Residence Sherese Francis’s Poems

Sherese Francis The word poetry comes from the word Poiesis, which means “a creation” or “made thing.” A poem is as an invention, something realized from things we come across randomly. My experience at Art in Odd Places was mostly random encounters with the artworks. This was my first time and I didn’t look at […]