Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.

AiOP 2017: SENSE- Get to Know This Year’s Artists! Rory Golden

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Name: Rory Golden

Project Title and Description:

Duty Free Ranger: Verde

A midnight protector of urban forests enacts rituals with trees and bushes on ‪14th Street.

Susannah makes objects from repurposed industrial castoff materials. Rory uses these as tools in midnight acts of propitiation and protection along trees and bushes on ‪14th Street as Official Protector of Royal Forests, or Verderer.  

#dutyfreeranger fashion actions reflect on and play with questions around land use and natural resources protection, guilt, and hypocrisy in  white capitalist hetero patriarchal hegemony.  Is it possible to embody, satirize and, on a vibrational level, undo imperialism’s damaging effects?

Rory Golden & Susannah Mira 1

How have you chosen to interpret the theme “SENSE”?

The performance incorporates ceremonial use of objects with visual, tactile, auditory, and olfactory components for communication. Visually, the clothing functions as a reworking of masculine, heteronormative and militaristic menswear aesthetic ideals in dandy Technicolor. Yet, in particular, working alongside plants and trees on ‪14th Street, the senses of scent and the sixth sense may pull ahead.

Why do you believe ‪14th Street is a compelling site for creative response?

‪14th Street offers a broad and deep cross section of populations, cultures and citizenry passing through. I’ve always wondered how the trees planted there survive or live amongst the onslaught of humanity.

Rory Golden & Susannah Mira 2

What reactions are you hoping to draw from the public?


On the one hand I say in Duty Free Ranger that Colonial history, fashion and white blindness are raw material for parody in my performative public interventions. I don’t know what I’m doing. Anything could happen.

And, I’m fascinated by the notion of a public that, though not noticing the performative actions of Duty Free Ranger: Verde, somehow registers the intent to undo centuries of damage on a vibrational level. Like an unconscious massive healing activity. Who knows what the trees will have to say.

AiOP 2017: SENSE- Get to Know This Year’s Artists! Liene Bosquê

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Name: Liene Bosquê

Project Title and Short Description

Pliable Boundaries

Pliable Boundaries is a series of walking tours during which participants will collect cyanotype impressions of the architectural railings along 14th Street. Through deliberate acts of touching, participants will create a collective map of the thoroughfare’s appropriated vernacular, landscape, and its inhabitants. The project will happen over the weekend between 9th Avenue and 6th Avenue.

How have you chosen to interpret the theme “SENSE?”

Exploring ways on how the body perceives the cityscape by physical contact to it: by the faculty of touch.

Liene Bosquê

Why do you believe 14th Street is a compelling site for creative response?

It is a street with a diversity of people and I believe, with Union Square, lively activities and performances, people are open to engage in unexpected activities on the surroundings of it. I had the opportunity to be part of the AiOP in 2010 and really felt the amazing response and engagement from the public.

What reactions are you hoping to draw from the public?

I hope the engagement and participation of the public on the project will stimulate conversations and encounters with myself and other participants. I hope the public will share stories of their experiences, memories of the street and of New York City’s communal landscape.  Exploring, feeling of knowing and owning the public space.