Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.

Day 8: A-Typical Saturday at Union Square

Nobu Aozaki hard at work making smiley bag portraits!

Lawrence Graham-Brown in Gimmie Bak Ma Clothes!
Alejandro Guzman preforming El Santaro across 14th street!

Making wishes with Andrea Cote and Michael Drisgall

Jacklyn Soo performing Circling Square at Union Square
Cocoon NYC Ambushing 14th street


Edith Raw “Human Rites” taking a stroll

Alejandro Guzman “El Santero” found 14th and 4th
Rob Andrews in Union Square doing “Union Square Clean”
The Miraculous Artist, Caroline Mayorga giving her blessing along 14th and 1st

Gretchen Vitamvas “Automaton” walking east
Missa Coffman made us some Haiku Toast along Hudson River Park
Sheryl Oring “Offering to Nature” in action
Harvey loves Harvey recorded a moment in time along 14th street
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