Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.

In April 2012, Endicott College hosted, Art in Odd Places on its scenic oceanfront Beverly, MA campus. AiOP founder and executive director Ed Woodham curated the show and stayed in residence at Endicott, giving a series of workshops, lectures, and class visits. While Art in Odd Places is well established on the New York cultural calendar, each October turning the length of 14th street in Manhattan into an open air gallery and performance space, this was the first time the event had taken place on a college campus. The aim was to encourage students, faculty, staff, and the greater local community to interact with their environment and each other in thoughtful and thought provoking ways; to disrupt the deadening habits of routine, reveal unnoticed spaces and patterns, and foster a sense of appreciation of the privilege of place. Guy DeBord’s term for this interaction of physical and human context was psychogeography, and for 3 springtime weeks, Endicott College was the site of this Situationist experiment.

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