Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.

Who is Art in Odd Places?

Art in Odd Places is made up of a group of volunteer “staffers” who produce the festival each year. No one receives payment for their work, and most of the organizing happens around busy work/life schedules.

The core group of organizers changes from year-to-year. In 2014, the AiOP organizers are:

  • Ed Woodham, Founder & Director
  • Juliana Driever and Dylan Gauthier, Co-curators
  • Claire Demere, Curatorial Manager
  • Sandra Carluccio, Curatorial Assistant
  • Sarah Brozna, Program Manager
  • Jennifer Smith, Digital Content Editor
  • Carey Estes, Website Designer + Developer
  • Jorge Garcia, Print Designer
  • Hjordis Linn-Blanford, Community Liason
  • Matt Morowitz, Head Writer
  • John Critelli, Social Media Specialist
  • Jiyeon Paik, Program Coordinator
  • Monica Hunaskatti, Blog Intern

What are the criteria for project selection?

In 2014, curatorial priorities include the following:

  • Projects that stretch the definitions of and expectations for public space and/or free culture in the public realm.
  • Projects that call into question the various meanings of the concept of “FREE,” particularly as they pertain to the use and availability of public space.
  • Projects that engage meaningfully with 14th Street’s cultural and architectural landmarks, neighborhoods, industries, and communities as a resource for creative consideration.
  • Projects that are feasible in public space.
  • Projects that do not impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

What do you consider a “public space?”

Any place that doesn’t require opening a door to enter.

What does AiOP provide to selected artists?

AiOP provides artists with promotion to a wide network of press and art world contacts, a website presence (with project info, bio, and personal web link), listing in the AiOP program guide, project consultation, and access to a growing community of like-minded artists, curators, and makers working in the public realm.

We can also help in the following ways: introductions to local businessowners and other community partners, letters of support for artists who need visas, and letters of support for artists who are interested in applying for individual grants.

AiOP does not provide: fiscal support, permits, insurance, security, or assistance with installation/de-installation. Artists are themselves responsible for securing any necessary permissions, all logistics regarding installation/de-installation, and insurance (if applicable). As this festival takes place in the public realm, projects should be developed with heavy interaction and durability in mind.

Will AiOP find and clear a location for the project?

Selected artists will work with the curators to determine project locations, and AiOP can help facilitate introductions to local business owners and other community stakeholders. However, the artists themselves will ultimately be responsible for clearing permissions to utilize the space for the duration of the festival.

What if my project changes during development? Can I pursue an altered concept once being accepted into the festival?

There is room to discuss project alterations, though they would have to be feasible to realize within the festival’s production schedule, and ready for the October 9 opening date.

Will AiOP document my project?

AiOP works with several photographers who aim to document as many projects as possible during the festival. However, photographic documentation is not guaranteed. Artists wanting photographic documentation of their work should also plan to arrange their own photographs of their projects.

How often should I plan to be present on 14th Street during the festival?

Artists should plan to be on 14th Street in Manhattan for the duration of the festival. Your presence is important to your work, both in the way it may help facilitate its activation, and in how you are ultimately able to understand the success of its outcomes.

I live outside of the US, can I apply?

Yes! We welcome international applications. However, we are unable to provide travel or housing support. We can help with a letter of support for artists who are seeking visas and suggest affordable housing while in NYC

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