Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.

“There are vast barren spaces in our urban and suburban environments that go largely unnoticed: empty lots, asphalt deserts, concrete caverns, and paved territories beneath overpasses in the periphery of our collective gaze, where pedestrians rarely venture. These spaces are the open terrain we call ‘Un-Space Ground,’ which beckon for enlivened activity in this time of occupation.”

Un-Space Ground was a site-specific public visual and performance event outside the LA Convention Center curated by Deborah Oliver and Ed Woodham and presented by Art in Odd Places (NYC) and Irrational Exhibits (LA).

Un-Space Ground was a component of Art in the Public Realm organized and chaired by L.A. interdisciplinary artist, writer and educator Jacki Apple and L.A. artist Timothy Nolan for the 100th Centennial Conference of The College Art Association (CAA) ARTspace.