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Reconfiguring Site’s 23rd Street Interventions 2013

The School of Visual Art’s (SVA) Reconfiguring Site program is a two-week summer intensive workshop focused on exposing participants to the practice of creating site-specific public art.  The program created and  directed by  Anita Glesta joined by faculty Kendal Henry and Art in Odd Places’ (AiOP) director Ed Woodham, meets 5 days a week and each faculty member guides the participating artists through their projects, helping them to create thoughtful and engaging works that cross “the boundaries into architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, new media technologies and other arenas.”

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013 the projects of this year’s program were presented along 23rd Street between 5th and 7th Avenues.  AiOP was at the scene and able to capture footage of this exciting event, which can all be viewed below.

NOTE: AiOP was able to take video footage of most of the projects with the exception of three: Magdalena Firlag’s “What Time,” Jessica Houston’s “Our Every Breath Is Counted: Breathing Portraits,” and Jade Rule’s “I M # 1.”

CORRECTION: In a previous version of this post, Ed Woodham was mistakenly  credited as ‘running’ ReConfiguring Site.  It is Anita Glesta who founded and directs the ReConfiguring Site program and invited Art in Odd Places director, Ed Woodham to participate as a faculty member along with Kendal Henry for the 2013 edition. Many thanks to her, Kendal, and all of the program participants.


Jason Baerg “Mahihkan_Timber Wolf.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz.

Krists Ernstsons “To Get Lucky.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Bill Gaylord “23rd and 2030.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Leena Kejriwal “Are You Good?”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Maja Lascano “A 30 Minute Walk Around.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Pat Lenz “Happy Birthdays.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Valerie McCubbin “Meet the Family.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Cristina Placios “0 Alaizquierda.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

Suzanne Russell “How Numbers Crowd Us, 2013.”  Video courtesy of Matthew Morowitz

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