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Balloons, Purses and Stardust: Elena Muñoz Perezanta, December 2016

Art In Odd Places (AiOP) is really a space and time for odd things to happen. The day after the presidential election of 2016 (as the surprised Mexican I was at that point) I traveled to Orlando, FL., a state won by Donald Trump just 24 hours before our arrival. I remember sitting in front […]

AiOP 2016: RACE Thinker in Residence: LaShaya Howie

Though the 2016 festival may be over, there are still those who have its works and impacts on their minds.  Our Thinkers in Residence each went out during the festival days and engaged with the artists, the works, the public, and the street.  They had their own reactions and interpretations of what they saw and […]