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AiOP 2017: SENSE- Get to Know This Year’s Thinkers-in-Residence!

As AiOP 2017: SENSE approaches, we are excited to introduce this year’s Thinkers-in-Residence! Our Thinkers “…spend time on 14th Street throughout the Festival weekend reflecting on artists, pedestrians, publics, and participation. Their responses take the form of writing, walking, image-making, or on-the-spot conversations with the public.” Each Thinker will approach the festival in their own way […]


A Conversation between Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful and Billy X. Curmano – Oct. 2017 NDER: Billy, can you tell us about your upcoming performance for AiOP? BXC: I’d be happy to, Nicolás. We’ve developed an expeditionary art adventure team to serve as “Ambassadors for Clean Water.” We will traverse 14th Street searching out water sources […]